The Ultimate Yeppoon Travel Guide

Yeppoon is a creative and friendly seaside Australian town beside the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

I lived in Yeppoon for over 7 years, so my destination guide provides you with great tips that only the locals know! There's something here for all ages, and it's a perfect place to get back to nature in a sunny tropical climate. You'll see live music festivals, markets, local art, people dancing in bars, plus stunning coastal national parks and authentic local art and design when you travel to Yeppoon! Even post-covid, it's a vibrant place.

Still not convinced? Check out my ultimate guide to Yeppoon, starting with a list of Yeppoon highlights that offer great reasons why you should visit this vibrant Queensland coastal town on holiday...

Top 18 sights in Yeppoon, Australia

Yeppoon Lagoon

  1. Yeppoon Lagoon

A 2500 square-metre resort style lagoon pool on the beach front! Free?

Picture yourself draped over a swim-up infinity edge with stunning views over the Keppel Islands then freshening up in the showers before lounging at a instagram-worthy cafe. Is the Yeppoon Lagoon free? Yes! How deep is it? Areas range from over 2m deep to a shallow baby water play area. The Yeppoon Lagoon is patrolled by lifeguards every day, so you can swim safely! It opened Saturday the 5th of May in 2018.

Capricorn Coast National Park

2. Capricorn Coast National Park

Explore pristine coastline hikes and vast beaches.

Find a beach to yourself or hike around the coastal headlands to scenic lookouts in the national parks. Take in the views of Great and North Keppel Islands and the many smaller islands. The islands are stepping-stones to the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Keppel Kraken

3. Keppel Kraken

A one of a kind attraction in the heart of Yeppoon.

The Keppel Kraken is on the beach front, just minutes from luxury beach front accommodation, gourmet dining, and a thriving retail precinct. Even adults love the cooling water mist, water cannons, jets and a unique umbrella bucket in this free attraction! Is it an art installation or play area? You decide!

Farnborough Beach

4. Farnborough Beach

Get away from it all and find your own private spot!

Locally pronounced as either "farm-bra" or "farn-bra", this is a popular a popular 4WD destination for locals. People also start here and head north to find the best surf location of the day. This is pure nature. There are no facilities. Just a pristine, vast sandy beach with stunning views!

Fig Tree Markets

5. Fig Tree Markets

Live entertainment meets authentic local markets!

The Fig Tree Creek Markets are organised by Keppel Coast Arts. They're held on the first Sunday of the month. You'll find the Fig Tree Markets beside the Capricorn Coast Tourist Information Centre. Find locally made and grown goods under the shade of huge fig trees. Then relax overlooking the blue waters of Fig Tree Creek and the islands beyond. There's always live music playing! The best time to go is between 9am and 12 noon.

Shell World

6. Shell World

Be inspired by the beauty of nature, captured in shells.

Marvel at this incredible display of over 20,000 shells from all over the world! You can see this gorgeous collection for a gold coin donation. The displays include marine, land and fossil molluscs. Even if you're not a shell collector, you're going to have lots of 'wow' moments in here! It's really something special. The displays include excellent information. Shell World is run by passionate volunteers who freely share their expert knowledge with you if you'd like to know more about any of their shells!

Footlights Theatre Restaurant

7. Footlights Theatre Restaurant

Be entertained with a live show!

Are you looking for a unique dining experience? You'll find a comedy variety stage show that's top class here. Enjoy a delicious three course dinner with a Fully Licensed Bar! The have 1 hour lunch shows as well as their 2 hour long dinner performances.

Yeppoon Skate Park / Appleton Park

8. Yeppoon Skate Park / Appleton Park

What do skateboarders do when they're really talented? They GoPro!

The skate park has partial shade and night lighting. There's an intermediate bowl, a quarter pipe, barrier, skate rails, barrier and kerb, and a bank to ledge. The best time to go is around 5pm, although it's also pumping just before lunch each Saturday and Sunday.

Jet James Art Gallery

9. Jet James Art Gallery

Jet James is an award winning, Australian artist living in Yeppoon!

Explore the artwork of this Yeppoon-based artist and designer who is internationally acclaimed not only loved by locals. His creations are featured in wall prints, home decor, public art, and printmaking.

Also check out the Fig Tree Galleries (formerly The Mill Gallery) and the Paint Pot Gallery, if you'd like to see more local art, homewares and fashion.

Wreck Point Lookout

10. Wreck Point Lookout

360 degree views of the Capricorn Coast and Keppel Bay.

This scenic lookout lis only a short drive or cycle ride from Yeppoon's town centre. A wide nature sandstone trail takes you to a viewing platform above a spectacular rocky point drop-off. Learn the story of the Selina, the ship that was wrecked and found there in 1848.

Capricorn Coast Pineapple Rail Trail

11. Capricorn Coast Pineapple Rail Trail

Over 4 kilometers of peace and tranquility!

This pedestrian/cycleway link takes you through picturesque bushland. It takes you from the Yeppoon town centre to the golf course. This is a safe, car-free asphalt path that's popular with walker, joggers, cyclists, skaters and families.

Keppel Bay Islands National Park & Great Keppel Island (Wop-Pa Island)

12. Keppel Bay Islands National Park & Great Keppel Island (Wop-Pa Island)

Crystal clear waters and fascinating corals meet stunning forests.

Pristine waters, secluded beaches, plunging cliffs and a diversity of plants and sea life greet you here. Oh, and did I mention these islands are part of the Great Barrier Reef? Great Keppel is the island you can get to by ferry; it's the one that has tourist accommodation. You can catch the ferry at Keppel Bay Marina.

Baga and Gai-i Mountains

11. Baga and Gai-i (Formerly known as Mt Jim Crow & Mt Wheeler)

Are you up for a very challenging hike?

Climb a volcanic plug and marvel at the incredible views, as native eagles glide around the cliffs below you. These special mountains were recently officially renamed by the Government, to restore their original Aboriginal names. It was a great decision. Take nothing but photos, and leave nothing but footprints. This is sacred land.

Mulambin Beach

12. Mulambin Beach

A peaceful beach meets extreme sports adventures!

This beach starts at the south side of Bluff Point and runs south for 2 km to Pinnacle Point, with the beach extending to over 200m wide at low tide! This is a perfect beach for Blokarting (SandYachting). Get yourself down to a Capricornia Blokart Club social day to see it, and even try it!

Turtle Lookout & Bluff Point Walking Track

13. Turtle Lookout & Bluff Point Walking Track

Lookout for turtles!

You'll get great views as you hike up the path, not only when you reach the Summit Lookout and Turtle Lookout. The Bluff Point circuit is a truly scenic walk! There's a free public toilet and picnic area beside the beachside carpark that offers free parking. You might even spot a turtle swimming below you!

Every Saturday something wonderful happens that tourists don't know about!

From 6am to 10am you'll find locals selling their crystals, craft, flowers, plants, honey, shampoo, soaps, gift packs, eggs, freshly baked products, fruit, vegetables, Waterpark products, Turmeric products, fresh pasta, nuts, flours, seeds, dried fruit, muesli, oil, dog food, freshly made salads, fresh breads, jams, relishes, bric-a-brac, fresh herbs, essential oils and much more! Go to the Chai stall. You'll see people sitting on chairs in the shade. Feel free to just sit down and join in. This is where locals who want to chat hang out! It's a lovely experience and the market's proceeds go to local charities.

Fan Rock Lookout

15. Fan Rock Lookout

Pack your camera!

Walk past magnificent fig trees and then through scrub and open grasslands to Fan Rock. It's one of the highlights of the Capricorn Coast National Park - a remnant of an old volcano. The rock formations are beautiful, and so is the view! The best time to go to Fan Rock is the morning when the sun lights up the rock face.

Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary

16. Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary

Meet the local native animals!

You'll enjoy encounters & photos with rehabilitated koalas, kangaroos, monkeys & several reptile species. Cooberrie Park is a wildlife sanctuary. They take care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that are then rehabilitated and released back to the wild.

Yeppoon Main Beach

17. Yeppoon Main Beach

A vast beach with gorgeous views.

Right next to the main street of Yeppoon, you'll find this stunning beach! In one moment, you can be enjoying tasty lunch or dinner. In the next, you're feeling the soft sand between your toes! This is a safe beach to walk along - day or night. You'll see children learning to sail and people swimming, with volunteer life savers there to watch over people in the water. There's free public toilets, showers and play equipment here too!

Spring Head Lookout

18. Spring Head Lookout

The lookout that is beside the main street.

You'll be enjoying vast views under the shade of pine trees if you go to Spring Head Lookout. It's only a few moments walk or drive from the Yeppoon town centre. In the lead up to dusk, hundreds of rainbow lorikeets fly to the pine trees along this coastline. They put on quite a show! You can see native flying foxes take to the sky at dusk too.

Music in Yeppoon

For regular live music, check out Pie Alley Blues, The Keppel Bay Sailing Club, The Strand (including Q Bar), and Yeppoon RSL on the weekends.

Two local community clubs to track down are the Keppel Coast Blues and Music Club and the Keppel Coast Arts group. Keppel Coast Arts creates events that feature local original music, usually with names like "The Creek Sessions" and "OmFest". There are other local groups that I recommend you connect with while you're in Yeppon and surrounds. An adorable local phenomenon is the Yepoon Ukulele Movement, affectionately known as 'YUM'! There's even a Capricorn Gospel Choir!

Local bands also play at the Markets. Chill out on the grass and enjoy the relaxed community vibe! Two bands worth looking up are the Medicinal Porpoises and Off With The Faeries. Neither publicise their gigs, but you'll usually find Off With The Faeries having fun together playing at the Fig Tree Markets.

Yeppoon is also home to The Village Festival , PineFest and lots of underground events.

Another local music scene is full moon drumming. There are regualr events in Yeppoon. To find one during your holiday in Emu Park, try the Tropic of Capricorn Drumming Circles facebook page.

Oh, and country music fans should keep an eye out for future events at the Keppel Coast Country Music Club.

Surfing in Yeppoon: Yeppoon Wave Pool (Surf Lakes Yeppoon) and Five Rocks

Surfing is part of Yeppoon's beach-life culture. Even though the coast is sheltered by Australia's Great Barrier Reef, it is possible for you to find a break here! Popular spots include Farnborough Beach, Kemp Beach, and Nine Mile at Stockyard Point. I also recommend:

Five Rocks Yeppoon

Five Rocks Beach is the northernmost of the more accessible beaches (from Yeppoon). It's loved by local surfers looking for a beach break. The Five Rocks Camping Area is nearby. You'll find some good hiking trails here too.

Yeppoon Wave Pool (Surf Lakes Yeppoon)

Surfers come from all over the world to experience this phenomenon!

Surf Lakes uses concentric swells to create up to 5 levels of waves simultaneously. Yeppoon is home to the Surf Lakes research and development facility, and the first full-scale prototype of this special patented β€œ5 Waves” technology.

You can't buy tickets. This is an invitation-only facility. If you want in, you'll need to pull some strings in the surfing community!

If you want to see if it's worth trying to get an invitation, check out the Surf Lakes video.

Cyclone Season Surfing

Local surfers get excited during cyclone season. That's when you get big swells! Well... you usually get big swells. Sometimes you're dissapointed so you just have to laugh and get silly! (e.g. Check out this cyclone yasi surf fail video. TravelFunMusic's host Penelope is 'cP'.)

Top 4 Instagrammable Locations in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

You'll find a lot of great photo locations around Yeppoon, especially if you explore the beaches leading up to Emu Park as well! It's hard to pick shoot locations. At a pinch, I'd say the top instagrammable location in Yeppoon are:

  1. Fig Tree Creek and The Fig Tree Markets: These markets are right on the waters of Fig Tree Creek, looking out to the ocean and the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Perfect for your shot of a tasty treat with paradise as your background.

  2. Yeppoon Lagoon: Buy a brightly painted wide brimmed hat from a local gallery and create the ultimate authentic and unique Queensland shot at the edge of the infinity pool. Or, lavishly lounge beside the perfect blue water as you look out to the islands. Gorgeous!

  3. The Capricorn Coast National Park: The park is made up of multiple sites. I recommend the Bluff Point Scenic Walk for action/hiking shots and Double Heads for stunning views over Rosslyn Bay to Yeppoon and also out to the islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

  4. Keppel Kraken: This is a great spot for a fun beach-side shot under a mosaic arch, even for us 'big kids'!

Popular hashtags for Yeppoon travel posts on instagram, facebook twitter and other social media include: #yeppoon #loveyeppoon #visitcapricorn #queensland #southerngreatbarrierreef #visityeppoon #capricorncoast #thisiscq #australia #thisisqueensland #discoverqueensland #visitqueensland #seeaustralia #travelqld #yeppoonfitness #oshenyeppoon #wildlife #tourismqueensland #tourismaustralia #visitqld #yeppoonlife #beach #yeppoonbeach #tropicofcapricorn ... and the location (e.g. #oshenyeppoon #mulambin #mulambinbeach #cooberriepark ) . Consider adding related hashtags such as #beach , #sunset , #wildlife and #yeppoonfood for example.

A flying fox at Yeppoon. The flying fox is brown, furry and has big brown eyes.

Flying Fox at Yeppoon

Fun in Yeppoon: 10 Reasons you must visit Yeppoon

Ok, let's wrap it up. I've told you about the fun experiences and coastal beauty. In a nutshell, you should visit Yeppoon for the:

  1. Relaxed and chill alternative-village vibe that's authentically 'Queensland'

  2. Biodiversity and pristine coastline

  3. Friendly locals who love to chat!

  4. Instagram worthy locations and experiences

  5. Safe swimming environment

  6. Incredible views of the islands of the Great Barrier Reef

  7. Great attractions that are generally free of charge

  8. Character-filled local music and arts scene

  9. Great food and bars

  10. It's not 'touristy'

When you combine these reasons with the fact that it isn't the 'same old same old' destination, Yeppoon should be on your bucket list!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yeppoon worth visiting?

Yeppoon has real character. Give yourself few days to enjoy it. Many people just visit Yeppoon briefly on their way through to sail out to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and the Islands. You'll have a wonderful holiday if you explore Yeppoon and the wider Capricorn Coast too.

Are there crocodiles in Yeppoon?

Most of Queensland is part of Australia's crocodile country! But, it's very very rare to see one at the beach in Yeppoon. You have more of a chance at winning Lotto.

Can you swim in Yeppoon?

Yes, you can swim at Yeppoon in fresh water and salt water. The beach is patrolled by surf life savers (Lifeguards) for your safety, so good safe swimming can be had.

Is Yeppoon a safe place?

Yeppoon is a safe and family-friendly place to live and visit. You can relax and be happy in this little relaxed beachside town!

What is Yeppoon known for?

Yeppoon is renowned for its tropical climate, beaches, relaxed lifestyle, and the islands of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. It's also a service centre for other smaller communities along the Capricorn Coast.

Where can I watch sunrise Yeppoon?

Wreck Point Lookout is the best place to watch the sunrise in Yeppoon. It's the best lookout in the area.

Where can I watch sunset Yeppoon?

The best place to watch the sunset in Yeppoon is the Rosslyn Bay Lookout. It's the lookout in the Double Heads section of the Capricorn Coast National Park. You'll watch a stunning sunset looking out over the marina, keppel bay and Yeppoon beyond. The Summit Lookout at Bluff Point is the second best place to watch the sunset.

How do I get from Brisbane to Yeppoon?

Most people travel to Yeppoon by flying from Brisbane to the nearby city of Rockhampton before taking a bus or hiring a car for the 34 minute drive from Rockhampton to Yeppoon (40km). There's also a train service between Brisbane and Rockhampton, which takes about the same time as driving. If you drive to Yeppoon from Brisbane, it will take you about 7 hours and 42 minutes (655.0 km). It's easy to find accommodation, meals and other services on the way if you'd like to take a break on the way from Brisbane to Yeppoon. You can use bus services to travel between Yeppoon and Rockhampton, but it's not very cheap and takes too long so I don't recommend it.

What's it like living in Yeppoon?

I lived in Yeppoon for years. Yeppoon is scenic and very relaxed. Living in Yeppoon means that you can enjoy comfortable weather all year! There's a strong sense of community. But, new arrivals are also made to feel welcome and included thanks to the active clubs and highly social culture. It's also inexpensive. Most community facilities are free and fresh produce is very affordable. You'll find all the essentials like good hospital, library, school, and town hall services. Thanks to a strong social scene linked to volunteering, there's always something happening! It could be anything from an international film festival to an arts workshop to a live music gig raising money for charity. This is a town that's not just physically beautiful, it also has a gentle soul that's easy to fall in love with!

Currency in Yeppoon

The main currency is the Australian Dollar. It's probably better to exchange your currency before you arrive or withdraw money through an ATM. The local bank ATMs provide currency at reasonable excange rates, but they can charge fees that make it worthwile visiting a money exchange instead.

Mobile Phone Service / Roaming in Yeppoon

The main service providers are Optus, Telstra and Vodafone. You'll find other providers too. If you're going outside of a capital city, be sure to ask the phone store if your service provider "uses the Telstra network". Coverage can be a big problem outside of the capital cities in Australia and not all network providers give the same quality and speed of data and mobile reception!

Prepaid SIM cards are easy to buy, but it's easiest to buy them in a company branded shopfront.

The calling code for Australia is +61.

Share your Yeppoon Holiday Tips!

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P.S. I've also received these questions. Don't worry - I haven't forgotten you folks! I just haven't had the chance to update this article to answer them yet! Sorry!

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